Success Story – J.P.

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Mr. Mario Kalkofen was recommended to me as a German tax expert by my relocation agent in
Koblenz Germany. I was very pleased with his excellent service. He is a very knowledgeable,
experienced, well networked, efficient tax agent, who definitely brings a great result with a peace in
your mind.

Early 2019 I was relocated back to UK, after 2.5 years working and living in Germany. I had a very bad
experience with another tax company in my first year, as a lesson learnt, I was looking for a good
English speaking (I can neither speak nor read any German), proactive, flexible, experienced tax
agent. My relocation agent recommended Mario Kalkofen. We quickly came to a service agreement,
fair and transparent service charge, no hidden penalties (many German firms have). I explained my
past 2.5 years living in Germany, sent him some letters from Finanzamt, which I had no clue what
they wanted from me. Mario quickly analysed my case, advised me what I could claim, what
documents I need prepare, by when I must to do what (meeting deadlines are very important to live
in Germany without paying penalties)… As a foreigner to Germany, I really appreciate such “baby-
sitting” service, this is exactly what foreigners need ! Ever more, with his rich experience on tax claim
for “foreigners” and knowledge on German taxation, he managed to maximize my situation in the
past 2 years and claimed a significant tax refund.

I have nothing more to say but a thank you to Mario Kalkofen. I am sure I will let you do my tax claim
whenever I might be back to Germany again in life and it’s my pleasure to endorse you to more
people who need your help.

Best regards,



well advised in relocation