Avoid double taxation

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Germany has concluded double taxation agreements (DTAs) with many countries (www.bundesfinanzministerium.de).

With a variety of sources of income worldwide, we check where you are taxable, which type of income is to be allocated to your income and whether and to what extent double taxation arises.

We help you avoid them!

Using the DTAs, we check in which state your residence is located and which state the respective tax right is assigned. Double taxation can be avoided by exempting income or offsetting.

In Germany, an exemption/credit triggers various declaration obligation – Appendix AUS, N-AUS, progression tax. We optimize your tax by exhausting the deduction options.

Depending on the DTA, there are different ways of avoiding double taxation with different effects in the context of the tax return. For example, in the case of rentals in Spain, the so-called credit method applies with the consequence of declaring the rental in Germany. If, on the other hand, the rented property is in France, the exemption method applies.

For example, we also advise in the area of international employee assignments and help with the examination of the 183-day rule or whether an economic employer is justified.

The advice covers not only “normal” workers, but also the special groups: frontier workers and public sector pensioners.

In the case of the last group, we were able to completely exempt and refund the payroll tax of 40k, which was wrongly paid in Germany, with a professor with pensions recently. The right to tax in this case was in France. Double taxation has been avoided.

We also examine the risks of “unwanted” company establishments.

We have a network of international cooperation partners and can therefore provide unlimited advice.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Avoidance of double taxation