Tax return for foreigners

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  • Do you work in Germany with a local or foreign contract?
  • Your family stays in your home country or comes with you to Germany?
  • Have you moved in or moved away from Germany during the calendar year?
  • Do you speak English?
  • Do you have frequent business trips abroad?
  • You are on an assignment as an Expat or Impat by your employer?
  • Do you have a job-related double household or relocation costs in the course of your relocation?
  • Does your children attend or should attend a private school?
  • Are you planning a master’s degree at home or abroad?
  • Don’t understand your employer’s payroll?
  • You drive a company car and tax a high benefit in kind?
  • Do you have any questions about child benefit in Germany?

If even one question can be answered yes, we are the right contact person!

We advise you on these points and prepare your German tax return considering possible foreign income and taking advantage of as many advertising costs and lump sums as possible. For example, we are looking at the possibilities for reducing the taxation of company cars and the advertising costs of double householding.

We clarify the right of taxation for cross-border employment as an employee.

Our communication is completely full in English. We take care of you, are reachable and use the most diverse communication channels (email, facetime, Skype, phone, meeting).

We conduct discussions with the tax office, answer questions and check your final tax assessment.


Contact us.


tax return optimized and without worries