International Inheritance and Gift Tax

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Do you inherit, for example, real estate, accounts and other assets abroad?

Are you planning to transfer your apartment in Mallorca or your house in Florida during your lifetime?

These transactions can create inheritance and gift tax obligations both in Germany and abroad.

Through our international network of tax consultants and lawyers, we can handle cross-border inheritance and gift cases from a single source.

With our partner lawyers, we clarify the obligations in Germany (notification of acquisition, inheritance tax return, administration of the estate) as well as in cooperation with our international cooperation partners the obligations abroad. For example, declarations may be required at the foreign consulates, the acceptance of inheritance tax by a foreign notary and the filing of an inheritance tax return abroad.

Double taxation must be avoided!

With a few countries, there are also double taxation agreements (DTAs) in the field of inheritance and gift tax: USA, Greece, France, Denmark, Switzerland.
Without an DTA, a possible double taxation by offsetting inheritance tax under national law can be avoided.

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